Located near historic downtown Houma, the Regional Military Museum is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit dedicated to preserving the memory of those who have served. While displaying artifacts from the Civil War to the modern day, the museum also focuses on local history, preserving the memory of South Louisiana in WWII. Travel back to a time where Houma housed a massive blimp base to help combat the German u-boat threat in the Gulf of Mexico and German POWs worked the sugarcane and rice fields. The museum is also developing exhibits on the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil War in South Louisiana, highlighting the role that our region played in our nation's past conflicts. 

Our museum is not just static, but a living history. We allow guests to sit in our authentic military jeeps, hold demilled rifles, put on military helmets, and to take schedule rides on our fully operational LCVP. We realize that everyone has a story to tell, and many of our donated uniforms are accompanied with stories from the soldiers who wore them. We feel this enhances the experience of learning history by making it more personal. You're learning about the actual men and women who fought in these wars, rather than just the war itself. Aside from artifacts and uniforms, museum displays include an authentic Bell UH-1 Iroquois "Huey" helicopter that was used during combat in Vietnam, an F-4 Phantom retired by the Air Force, a full scale model of a TBM Avenger, the same plane that President George H.W. Bush piloted in WWII, an XM474 Pershing Missile Carrier that we take guests for rides on, and the museum is also proud to display one of President Eisenhower's Air Force One Aero Commanders.

The museum hosts several events, including a military lecture free and open to the public on every third Tuesday of the month at the Terrebonne Parish Main Branch Library. You can always check our "events" page at regionalmilitarymuseum.com for upcoming round table lectures, fundraisers, and ceremonies. We appreciate the interest you have shown in our museum, and your contribution will go directly towards our operating expenses, which include acquiring new artifacts, building new displays for existing artifacts, and maintaining our numerous operational military vehicles. Community involvement keeps our museum running and we appreciate your support. 

We hope you plan to visit us soon!